Submission Guidelines

Please follow the mentioned points while submitting your item to ensure that your item gets approved. These are intended to guide you with the expectations at Superbootstrap. Items approval will be done by our reviewing team. and these guidelines will make your item approval chances better.

General Guidelines

  1. Item must be built on latest version of bootstrap.
  2. Item must follow bootstrap’s convention and must use grid system.
  3. Item should not implement components that are already included in bootstrap.

Code Quality

  1. HTML must be valid HTML 5 as determined by W3C Markup Validation Service.
  2. Item must use index.html as the main page.
  3. Files and directories must be treated as case-sensitive.
  4. Styles and Scripts should be maintained in different file separated from default bootstrap assets
  5. Code must be properly formatted for the ease of end user.
  6. There should not be any JavaScript errors.
  7. Markup, styles and scripts should not be encrypted or obfuscated.
  8. Item may use CSS pre-processor, HTML pre-processor or JavaScript pre-processor.
  9. Item must not include third-party plugins and components without sufficient modification to their appearance.
  10. Item source code and comments must be written in English.
  11. Item should not have any grammatical mistakes.

Design Quality

  1. Item must be compatible with all major browsers including Latest FireFox, Latest Chrome, Latest Safari, Latest opera and Internet Explorer 9+.
  2. Item should not exceed the width of screen at any given time in any device.
  3. Item must display properly at common mobile devices. Author should test each page on as many devices as possible, else simulators can be used.
  4. Item must contain Documentation to assist the end user with customization.

Name and Desciption

  1. Item name must be unique and different from other items listed on Superbootstrap.
  2. Item name should use the following naming convention: [item name] – [short description].
  3. Description must be written in markdown syntax.
  4. Description should have list of features, pages included, attribution to third party assets.
  5. Description should not contain any violent or offensive text.
  6. Description must be in English.


  1. Preview screenshot should be of size 600x375 pixels.
  2. File must be under 640kb.

Live Preview

  1. Live preview should not redirects or use URL shorteners.
  2. Live preview must exactly represent the item for sale at its approved version.
  3. Pending item version should be uploaded to some different URL.
  4. Live preview must load quickly and should not remove Superbootstrap preview frame.
  5. Live preview should be free form advertisement, referral links, etc.

License Attribution

  1. Third party assets used should be mentioned in description and documentation.
  2. These must be properly licensed or free for commercial use.