Skills for Professional Web Designer

Skills you need to be a Professional Web Designer

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You are reading this article!

Means probably you are a wannabe Web Designer or a newbie who wants to know all the skills that are needed to be a professional Web Designer.

What is Web Designing and who is a Web Designer?

In the simpler terms, Web Designing is the process of creating the user interface (UI) of a website, and the one who carries out this process is known as a Web Designer.

By reading the above definition, it seems an easy process, right?

But it surely doesn’t!

You need to learn many skills to be a Web Designer, and to be a professional Web Designer you must expertise on those skills and learn the latest design trends as well. You also need to be updated with the new technologies of this particular industry.

Many newbies don’t know what exactly they need to learn to be a pro in web design. Thus, through this blog post I am going to share those skills that you must need to be a Professional Web Designer.

Below are those skills:

1. Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is primarily an image editing software, but it can do a lot more things. It is also used create website templates in .psd format that later converted into HTML to create HTML design of the PSD layout. I am sure you heard of many PSD to HTML services.


Layouts can be designed in much better way if you use Photoshop rather than directly coding a web page in HTML. You can give different pattern and gradient to the layouts by using it.

Thus, learning Photoshop is the first skill I recommend to every web designer.


HTML [Hyper Text Markup Language] is one of the most fundamental things of web design because the web pages are written in this language only. Even those who use editors like Dreamweaver, Notepad++, etc. must know this markup language.


To cut it short, Web Design is impossible without HTML.

Now the next version HTML5 is available which is more robust, have new tags, and a many more exciting features.

Thus, having knowledge of HTML and HTML5 is must to be a professional Web Designer.

3. CSS

HTML is to create the structure of a web page, and CSS is to adorn that structure with different styles.

Yes, CSS which stands for Cascading Style Sheet is used to improve the look and feel of the web pages.


As HTML5 came into market as the latest version of HTML, CSS 3 also available to use as the latest version of CSS. It has a few new additions and exciting features.

Few features that are added into CSS3:

4. Javascript

Javascript is primarily used to make the web pages interactive that handle requests on the client side. You can integrate Javascript codes within an HTML page by adding <script></script> tags. The codes come between these. You can even create different JS files and call them on HTML pages.


Javascript is indeed a powerful script language that gives you an ease to make your web pages more user friendly.

It is Indeed a must have skill for professional web designers.

5. Ajax [Asynchronous Javascript and XML]

When you don’t want to load the web pages on every request then Ajax come into use where you can make separate part on a web page, and if the request is sent using that part then only that section gets loaded, and not the full page.


For example, if you want to create a form on a web page that updates the data without loading the full page, then Ajax can do the task efficiently.

Thus, knowing it will be an added advantage for you being a Web Designer.

6. JQuery


JQuery is a small yet fast and feature-rich Javascript library. It works on the principle “Write less, do more”. The motive of using this is making the use of Javascript on your web pages easier. This contains so many features as:

  • HTML/DOM manipulation
  • Effects and animations
  • CSS manipulation
  • HTML event methods
  • AJAX
  • Utilities

Nowadays, web designing companies ask for this skill if you are applying for a Web Designer Job.

7. Bootstrap

Bootstrap is an open source Framework based on HTML/Javascript/CSS developed by Twitter. Rather than coding every time, it enables you utilize the readymade code blocks to help you create web pages quickly.


There are many benefits you get when you use Bootstrap Framework for your web design project:

8. Imagination

A designer needs to have a great imagination power because great designs are made by those who have out of the box imagination.


It is a natural skill but still you can keep researching and think on the new ideas. That may help you imagine better designs.

Final Words

Web Designers are in high demand because most of the businesses are going online, and for that they need websites. So, the requirement of website creation leads to an increase in the requirement of Web Designers.

Even though there is a high demand, there is fierce competition as well because nowadays computers are gone very common among people. Everyone is learning things like designing, coding, etc. So your market value will increase only if you have all the skills and expertise that are needed to be a Professional Web, Designer. If you miss some skills, then you might get rejection or get lower salary package.

Therefore, start learning the skills mentioned above if you are really want to become a professional Web Designer.

Hope to see your thoughts in the comments!

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