Skills for Professional Web Designer

Skills you need to be a Professional Web Designer

You are reading this article!

Means probably you are a wannabe Web Designer or a newbie who wants to know all the skills that are needed to be a professional Web Designer.

What is Web Designing and who is a Web Designer?

In the simpler terms, Web Designing is the process of creating the user interface (UI) of a website, and the one who carries out this process is known as a Web Designer.

By reading the above definition, it seems an easy process, right?

But it surely doesn’t!


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Increasing Conversion Rates with Better Web Design

Every website owner wants better Conversion rates for his website. Conversion doesn’t always mean to sell some product; rather it can be something that you wish your visitors to do. If they do, means conversion happened.

For example, I count 20 newsletter sign-ups in a month as a conversion. Someone may count one conversion if a visitor visits his landing page.

So you can see, the conversion is just something that you want your visitors to do, and if they do, conversion happens, if they don’t, conversion doesn’t happen.

Today’s topic is about how you can increase a website’s conversion rate with better web design.

To increase the conversion rates with web design you need to design the website in a way that User Experience is quite good.


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A Complete Web Typography Guide

Most of the information you find on the internet are in the written form, and even after the popularity of the visual content (videos, images), textual content has its own significance. I am sure it will never lose its importance regardless of how technology will advance in the future.

According to, 95% of the total information on the internet is in the text form. Therefore, web designers must know the art to arranging and styling the written content to make them more readable and appealing. These include selecting font family, font size, font colour, line spacing, letter spacing etc. Technically this art of styling and arranging the written text is called Typography.


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responsive web design

What is Responsive Web Design and why it is so important?

The Internet has gained so much of popularity in the last 10 years. Trillions of websites have been developed and thousands are being developed every day. Looking at the stats you may clearly get an idea that how much competition there is in the world of Internet.

To make your website stand out, you need to do something different in terms of design, in terms of functionality and even in terms of offerings & discounts. Among all, the first thing that grabs the attention of audiences is the design of a website.  You may hire a professional web designer or get readymade templates from some genuine marketplaces.

In recent years, as the usage of mobile, tablet and other small devices have been increased, making the websites mobile compatible has become essential.


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what is sass

what is sass?

What is SaSS (Css preprocessor) ?

Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets abbreviation of Sass is CSS with SuperPowers. Suppose of situation in which you have some color in your website several times in headings, as anchor colors or may be as a background of some elements, now you want to change the color slightly.

Oh Its a nightmare, you have to iterate through each usage and fix it. Now suppose you had a variable for that color something like,


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