Skills for Professional Web Designer

Skills you need to be a Professional Web Designer

You are reading this article!

Means probably you are a wannabe Web Designer or a newbie who wants to know all the skills that are needed to be a professional Web Designer.

What is Web Designing and who is a Web Designer?

In the simpler terms, Web Designing is the process of creating the user interface (UI) of a website, and the one who carries out this process is known as a Web Designer.

By reading the above definition, it seems an easy process, right?

But it surely doesn’t!


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Creative Tim

20 Bootstrap Menu Examples for Inspiration

An attractive looking website grabs more eyeballs, and that is why there is a need of designing a website that looks attractive and beautiful yet professional. Designing is the game of imagination and the codes. When you have both the skills, you can make great websites.

Imagination is more important because until you imagine something attractive, coding won’t do wonders. But if you have a great idea that you imagined, and you know how to turn your imagination into reality by using codes, then you can create amazing sites.

When it comes to design a website, the very first and the most important thing which gets in the notice is the Navigation(i.e. Menu). Menu works like a navigator as it contains the link of every page of the website.  You will hardly see a website without navigation. It is imperative to spend some good time to design the Menu because the first impression is the last impression. Whenever a visitor comes to your site, he sees the Menu at the very first look, and it can make your impression good or bad.

Therefore, it must be designed elegantly to give a beautiful look to it. A simple menu can be designed with normal HTML/CSS codes, but when you want to add some extra effects, you need to use JS, and other scripts.

In this blog post, I am going to share 20 bootstrap Menu examples for inspiration. So here goes the list:

1. ExoSource – bootstrap menu

ExoSource - bootstrap menu


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Increasing Conversion Rates with Better Web Design

Every website owner wants better Conversion rates for his website. Conversion doesn’t always mean to sell some product; rather it can be something that you wish your visitors to do. If they do, means conversion happened.

For example, I count 20 newsletter sign-ups in a month as a conversion. Someone may count one conversion if a visitor visits his landing page.

So you can see, the conversion is just something that you want your visitors to do, and if they do, conversion happens, if they don’t, conversion doesn’t happen.

Today’s topic is about how you can increase a website’s conversion rate with better web design.

To increase the conversion rates with web design you need to design the website in a way that User Experience is quite good.


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courses for web designers

8 Best Free Online Courses for Web Designers

In the world of Internet, most of the learning material you can find available for free on the web. Even if you want to learn something from scratch you can do it online, but you have to work hard as you have to be a self-learner. I am not a professional web designer, but I do have knowledge of few things of web design, and well aware of how it is done.

I haven’t gone to any institute to learn HTML, CSS, and few other things. Rather I learned these for free with the help of online websites and their interactive courses.

In this blog post, I am going to share 8 best free online websites/courses for web designers. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate in web design, you can learn a lot just by practicing few hours every day.


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11 Free Bootstrap Tools to See Before Your Next Web Project

If you are reading this post, you must be into designing and development of websites or web apps.

When you get a new project, you use your own design skills to make it look perfect. There are many tools as well which help you do some of the tasks effectively. Web tools are the great help for design professionals as they make things easier, and interesting.

Today I am here to list down the 11 FREE bootstrap tools which you must see before starting out your next web project. Here are they:


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