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8 Best Free Online Courses for Web Designers

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In the world of Internet, most of the learning material you can find available for free on the web. Even if you want to learn something from scratch you can do it online, but you have to work hard as you have to be a self-learner. I am not a professional web designer, but I do have knowledge of few things of web design, and well aware of how it is done.

I haven’t gone to any institute to learn HTML, CSS, and few other things. Rather I learned these for free with the help of online websites and their interactive courses.

In this blog post, I am going to share 8 best free online websites/courses for web designers. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate in web design, you can learn a lot just by practicing few hours every day.

Remember one thing, when you learn yourself using free stuff online, you have to motivate yourself every day to be consistent. Self-motivation is required because it is a human mentality that when he spends money on something, he stays serious about that, but when he is getting the same thing for free, he gets lazy and don’t care about that. Therefore, you have to be very serious and concentrate on the course you are learning online.

Below are the 8 best Free online courses for web designers:

1. Codecademy

This is the first website I came across that offers many courses. HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and few other courses are being offered here for free.

A long ago, I completed HTML/CSS course from here, and I can say got the basics and few advanced stuff as well. It’s not well enough to make you a pro in web design however, good to start learning. The interface is designed in a way that it attracts you towards code there in its editor.

I loved learning on this site the most though I have tried many sites for learning.

codecademy - courses for web designers

Look at the above screenshot to get an idea what the editor looks like. It’s very easy, read what it asks you to do, and then take help from instructions, and write the code, then click on Save & Submit Code. If you have done right, you will see next lesson option and if you done wrong, you won’t be able to move to next lesson.

2. Dash by General Assembly

Where Codecademy lets you teach everything step by step, Dash allows you to work on some projects. You have to follow the instructions, and work accordingly to complete the project. At the end, you will see you have made a new web page designed.

dash - courses for web designers

Just keep doing as per instructions, and you will see tick mark if you done right, and if you do wrong, it will show Red Cross.

Dash is for the web designers who already have some knowledge of HTML/CSS already. It uses HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript.

3. Learn Layout

Unlike Codecademy and Dash, it provides text tutorials along with the code snippet. To get started with this free course, you must have some web design knowledge already.

Learn-layout - courses for web designers

Text, code snippet, results all are given in order to make you understand the concept clearly. You can copy the code snippet and keep practicing sidewise by creating a web page layout either on your local computer or on some webserver (if you have).

4. Code school

This website has videos courses available which you watch first, then take challenges to do the given certain tasks. A good way to learn. Watch before you put your hands into coding practice. It offers both Free and paid membership.

You can learn HTML/CSS and Javascript for web design though it has more programming courses available.

Codeschool - courses for web designers

In my opinion, even a beginner can learn from this website. I won’t recommend this site if you are learning to get a job as a web designer in some big firm. It’s well suited for those who want to build their websites.

5. Code Avengers

A huge number of lessons are available on this website which you can learn for free to level 1, and then paid. It offers from the very basic level to the very advanced level of learning.

Code avengers - courses for web designers

I have worked on an HTML lesson which screenshot I have added above. Simple and easy to use course it is.

6. W3schools

When we are discussing to learn web design, we cannot just ignore W3schools, as it is the most used website when it comes to taking code reference.

w3school - courses for web designers

It has a long number of courses absolutely for free. No matter you are a beginner or an experienced one, this website and its courses will always help you.

 7. Alison’s web design course

You can earn a diploma in web design here on this website. This website has constructed the courses into modules; each module has a learning video that you need to watch to learn about that module.

Alison - courses for web designers

The above screenshot is of the video in which you can learn about background Styles. Watching videos is easier than reading the textual content, and it is fun too.

8. Codebabes


Codebabes is one of the websites that offers different courses in a sexy way to learn web design coding and few other courses. In these courses, you watch videos in which sexy instructors explain everything, and then you can take quizzes. Once you give correct answers to the quizzes, courses get unlocked.


You can then open the video course and watch to learn more. This is amazing as the instructors keep your eyes on them, so the focus on the course is naturally there.

Final Words

There are many things you may learn online for free. There is need of consistency and hard work because when you learn on your own, it takes a lot of time understanding the concepts.

These courses are very well designed, and you can master of HTML/CSS, and Javascript by regular doing practice.

Over to you

Have you taken some courses online from these sites or any other sites? Share in comments.

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