11 Free Bootstrap Tools to See Before Your Next Web Project

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If you are reading this post, you must be into designing and development of websites or web apps.

When you get a new project, you use your own design skills to make it look perfect. There are many tools as well which help you do some of the tasks effectively. Web tools are the great help for design professionals as they make things easier, and interesting.

Today I am here to list down the 11 FREE bootstrap tools which you must see before starting out your next web project. Here are they:

1. MockFlow

MockFlow is a tool that allows you to create mockups in minutes and share them with your clients instantly.  The best thing is, you can collaborate the wireframe where multiple designers can edit the project at the same time. It is one of the best tools for bootstrap projects.

2. Divshot

Divshot is basically a tool that provides static web hosting with Bootstrap builder features. It provides the component libraries that are well customized for any kind of framework. One of the features called “theme Switcher” impressed me so much as it helps you change the look of entire theme just in few clicks.

3. Bootswatchr

Bootswatchr is one of the effective bootstrap theme generators that is available for FREE to use. It gives you a visual editor to create bootstrap themes and edit them as per your requirement. You make changes in the left pane, and preview is displayed at the right side. Once you are done with the editing, you can download the full CSS file. Additionally, you can also get the minified CSS file or export to JSON format.

4. Layoutit

If you are not an expert of JS, HTML or CSS, and still want to create some front end interface using these technologies, then Layoutit! can help you big time. It allows you to drag & drop to create interfaces instantly.

Layoutit - Free bootstrap tool

To get started, you can start with a basic sample from its homepage, and start dragging & dropping the elements you can see at the left pane.

Isn’t it so simple to create a layout with Layoutit!?

5. Lavishbootstrap

When I was too new to these design stuff, Lavishbootstrap amazed me when I first visited the website because of what it does. You only need to provide an image, and it creates a Bootstrap colour scheme. Check below, I have pasted the URL of one of my images, and it created the Colour scheme.

 lavishbootstrap - Free bootstrap tool

Now, you can edit the colour scheme as per your requirements if you want or you can leave as it is.

Lavishbootstrap_1 - Free bootstrap tool

Now, you can download the code of the colour scheme.


Isn’t it a great web tool for designers?

6. Bootply

Bootply is a bootstrap editor to design prototypes and test them. Its code repository is very helpful while starting out any project as you can get ready-made snippets and templates.

Bootply - Free bootstrap tool

You can either design by writing codes or by using drag and drop visual editor.

7. Paintstrap

Paintstrap is a tool that allows you to design beautiful bootstrap themes using attractive colour schemes. You can do either with Adobe Cular color scheme or COLOURlovers color scheme. You need to input the themeid or permalink URL which you can get from these colour scheme’s websites.

Paintstrap - Free bootstrap tool

Once it’s done, you can download the CSS files which are generated

8. Jetstrap

Jetstrap is a javascript library that helps you build applications and prototypes using Bootstrap. It is very simple yet powerful with drag & drop feature.

It allows you drag & drop code modules, edit them, and see live previews. Exporting the code is very easy which you can do once you are done with building the application.

9. Twitter Bootstrap Button Generator

Generating bootstrap buttons are now easier with Plugo Labs’ twitter button generator tool.  Within few clicks, you will be able to create beautiful looking buttons.

twitter bootstrap button generator - Free bootstrap tool

Look at the above screenshot, I have used the options on the left side and created a button that you can see at the right side. Now, I can copy the HTML of it and use it on any of my projects.

Isn’t it a big time saver?

10. BootMetro

BootMetro is a tool that allows you to create web apps in windows 8 MetroUI style. It might not be ideal for online websites, but it can be opted to use for Intranet websites. It is built with Twitter Bootstrap and HTML5 Boilerplate.

11. Bootstrap Material Design

This is a theme for Bootstrap that allows you to use the Google Material Design in your front-end framework.

You just need to include this theme after the Bootstrap CSS. Then include the JS before the <body> tag, and everything will be converted to Material Design Style.

Final Words

Gone are the days when you start to code everything from scratch because now your clients’ don’t have much time to wait for a design to get completed. Thus, these web 11 tools can be greatly helpful to speed up the process of building a web project effectively.

Let me know what do you think about these tools? Have you used any one of them? Share your experience in comments.

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